tresor.099 | pacou | no computer involved




Pacou‘s second album on Tresor Records is to be understood as a soundtrack for the present Technoscene in Berlin. As innovation is only possible through new ways of combination and change, every single track on this album was made with a different studio setup but without using a computer. “Computers hinder creativity and slow down the development process of a track” stated Pacou. Therefore the common clichĂ© that electronic music (especially techno) is only to be produced with computers was then disproved once more. The process of development brought Pacou to his own style and brought him widespread recognition in the techno universe.


01. Waves (6:05)
02. Interaction (6:00)
03. The Vault (5:29)
04. Dawn (1:42)
05. The Guards (4:30)
06. Ambiguous (5:42) free download here!
07. Sequential (1:08)
08. H-Drive (4:43)
09. Gate 16 (5:28)
10. Remains (4:38)
11. Expected (6:09)

more: here


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