deep in the groove

deep in the groove

I first heard of Dial’s plan to start a deep house sub-label called Laid about two years ago. It sounded like a great idea; a way to bring in a fresh sound in what was then still a minimal-soaked dance music world. Finally in 2009 Dial’s younger brother was born with the first two records from Laid. Of course, a lot happens in two years of dance music history. Laid’s opening salvo comes after deep house has been “revived,” this time with the minimal bandwagon in tow, their vacuousness made only more obvious by all the a cappellas professing “soul.” After a wonderful inauguration by Detriot’s own Rick Wade, Oliver Kargl, best known as Rndm, continues to steer Laid into the deep end.

On the flip we find Rndm’s “K271 RMX” of John Robert’s “Relate,” which is forthcoming on Laid04. The late night vibes roll on into moody pads, a squelching synth and some pitched down vocals that are actually a nice touch. On a more granular level, the acoustic hand claps add a very human element to the track. A “dub” version of “Third Hand Smoke” rounds out the package, although it sounds quite different from the A side. Aside from the sublime bass line and some bongo hits, “Third Hand Smoke Dub” is a melancholic comedown from the heights of the original. Laid may have arrived late to the deep house party, but platters like the fantastic “Third Hand Smoke” assure fans they’ve belonged all along.

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electronica, experimental

electronica, experimental

Pépé Bradock’s Confiote de Bits, a 2xCD collection of the French house musician’s remixes from the past decade, couldn’t have come at a better time. Deep house is in vogue everywhere from American indie dance, where DFA acts routinely invoke Chicago and New York’s house originators, to European clubs, where moody chords and jacking grooves have dethroned minimal techno. Bradock, meanwhile, remains sorely under-recognized and underrated, despite his roots within the same scene that gave the world Daft Punk and Cassius. It’s a pleasure and a public service to finally have the bulk of his remixes, most of them vinyl-only and long out of print, collected in one place. More importantly, the album confirms Bradock as one of house music’s most inspired and most uncompromising producers.

a track for raz


soul, fusion

joy, fusion

interbelic, Bulevardul Magheru

Fundatia Calea Victoriei va invita sa descoperiti cladirile interbelice si povestile unui bulevard celebru din centrul orasului.

In aceasta expeditie culturala veti descoperi frumusetea cladirilor si monumentelor de pe Bulevardul Magheru si veti afla povestea oamenilor care le-au construit si momentele memorabile petrecute in aceasta zona centrala.

Pornind de la kilometrul zero al orasului, aflat in Curtea Bisericii Sfantu Gheorghe – unde se afla moastele domnitorului C. Brancoveanu – plimbarea ne va duce spre piata Universitatii, loc incarcat de istorie si semnificatii, continuind spre ansamblul bulevardelor Balcescu si Magheru, unul dintre cele mai avangardiste din Europa in perioada interbelica. Vom traversa Piata Romana, vom merge apoi spre piata Victoriei, pe bulevardul Lascar Catargiu – una din cele mai frumoase strazi din Bucuresti.

Bulevardele Balcescu si Magheru au reprezentat in interbelic un bulevard unic in Europa, prin modernitatea sa. Era strada care aducea cel mai mult cu arterele americane, cum era 5th Avenue. Cladirile inalte, geometrice, luau locul arhitecturii clasice, intr-un experiment arhitectonic rar intalnit in Europa.

Cost expeditie: 30 ron – adulti / 25 ron – elevi, studenti
Loc desfasurare: pe Magheru, plecare din fata Bisericii Baratia
Data: Simbata 29 august – 18:00


pasi peste granite

pasi peste granite

“Timp de sute si mii de ani lumea parea sa fi ramas in aceeasi matca. „Nimic nou sub soare” a fost cuvantul de ordine al celor care identificau ziua de maine cu cea de azi. Acum insa cunoasterea, tehnologia si societatea evolueaza intr-un ritm care ne someaza sa ne redefinim identitatea. Seria „Pasi peste granite” aduce in atentia cititorilor perspectivele care se deschid in fata omului si societatii intr-un moment de rascruce”.

Pentru Oliver Sacks, omul este o fiinta muzicala prin excelenta. Nu in cine stie ce sens metaforic, ci intr-unul cat se poate de concret: in creierul uman, zona implicata in tot ce tine de muzica – de la compozitie si interpretare pana la auditie si miscare ritmica – e mai intinsa decat zona raspunzatoare de limbaj. Concluziile sale se bazeaza pe cercetarea simptomatologiei unui mare numar de pacienti afectati de probleme neurologice avand manifestari muzicale, in corelatie cu harti corticale dinamice, trasate cu ajutorul celor mai noi mijloace de investigatie. Cercetarile sale explica, de pilda, originea obsesiilor muzicale ale anumitor bolnavi, eficacitatea muzicoterapiei in cateva afectiuni sau sorgintea inclinatiilor muzicale proprii unor persoane afectate de diverse handicapuri. Dar Oliver Sacks nu se opreste aici; medicul aplecat asupra suferintei pacientului si preocupat de usurarea ei lasa mereu loc savantului pasionat de neurostiinta, care foloseste prilejul cercetarii pur medicale pentru a deschide o perspectiva mult mai larga, aflata in avangarda preocuparilor stiintifice actuale: intelegerea mai adanca a modului general in care functioneaza creierul nostru.

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Andrzej Wajda’s wrenchingly powerful Katyn serves as a testament to one of the blackest moments in Polish history. The details are set out in a few stark lines of text at the beginning of the film: in September 1939, the Soviet Red Army marched into Poland, activating a pre-existing arrangement with Nazi Germany to round up and imprison all Polish officers as they went.

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New music video directed by Francois Vogel. Song from their self-titled debut album, released in 2007.

ambient, downtempo

ambient, downtempo

Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber have been serving smoky after hours grooves for 15 years now. And they show no signs of interrupting this trend on their latest album. Opener ‘My First’ never quite breaks into a fully fledged groove, teasing with analogue synth bass, blues guitar, clipped spoken word and bongo loops. It’s a formula repeated across the album, with the producers taking the surprising decision to work from a limited—but highly effective—palette of instruments. It’s deceptively simple, with repetitive motifs, low-slung bass and judicious use of delay. The sound of the morning after the night before.

sweet joy

sweet joy

DJ Romain presents ‘Sweet Joy’ under the new artist name Soul City. ‘Sweet Joy’ is a jumping and grinding party track with a classic house sound. Jacqué’s sweet and sexy vocal answers Kabu’s spoken word with hip-hop styled vocals. DJ Romain skillfully combines live horns, fancy organ playing and pumping drums.

Here’s the introduction to THE TRAP, the followup documentary to THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES by Adam Curtis for the BBC.