interview with Donato Dozzy




In the quietness of his roman studio we interviewed Donato Dozzy. Here is that long chat in which Donato told us some very interesting stories…

E: Hi, Donato. What’s it like playing at the Labyrinth festival( ? What feelings or emotions can be generated by an event like this?

D.D.: It’s the total ad complete interaction between one person on stage and 2000 people who are in front of you a who are exactly the same as you are. It’s a massive amount of energy poured upon you, and you can only pour it back on them. It is a real loop with no negative vibes whatsoever, it’s all about people who want to have fun and create something special with you, making you feel at home.

Emotionally, it is an unparalleled party. Regarding the setting, a wonderful natural reserve – but wherever they choose to hold the Labyrith is special, it is a place where sound can reach unparalleled heights in terms of cleanness and purity (thanks to a state-of-the-art Funktion One setup), wher spaces are well-distributed (access is limited to 2000 people), and where all DJs who happen to play tend to remain friends.

Another important thing is that the festival is made to create a real link between the acts. Management (Russ, in particular) makes sure that each artist plays at a certain time, because they know he can be at his best at that certain time. And it’s how it goes.

No one is in his place by chance, we are players, we are Russ’ records.

He’s the best DJ I know! (laughs)

read full interview: here


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