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The mix has a great feeling, tune in for house of all varieties as Nekes delivers a podcast of the highest calibre.

Kurt Schwitters himself described the Merzbau (Merz Building) as his life’s work.

The Merzbau was – “on principle” – an uncompleted work and continued to grow, changing constantly.


Made by Maya Deren with her husband, cinematographer Alexander Hammid, Meshes of the Afternoon established the independent avant-garde movement in film in the United States, which is known as the New American Cinema.

Sebo K – Spirits



Four years after Fidel Castro came to power, Agnes brought back from Cuba 1800 photos and used them to make a didactic and amusing documentary.

part 1

As Europe adopts a new treaty to strengthen its union, and choses new authorities to speak with one voice for the continent, it confronts the fact that, with twenty seven countries, 500 million people, a combined economy bigger than the US, and almost 2 million soldiers under arms, the European Union is to all intents and purposes, a superpower.

part 2

Will 27 nations be able to pull as one and become a dominant power in the 21st century?

a selection of funk, hip-hop, boogie, soul and other vintage dance floor jams

alicia and doe

George Holz graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Many of his photographs explor figurative and nude forms within natural settings and landscapes throughout the world.