Underworld vs The Misterons – Athens



United more by spirit than sound, the tracks on Athens offer a musical journey from inner space to the dancefloor, and back again. From the immersive, cosmic tone poems of Alice Coltrane’s Journey In Satchidananda to the seductive, snaking groove of Space Odyssey by techno titan Carl Craig’s orchestral jazz offshoot Detroit Experiment.

You Know to the spicy Afro-funks of Laurent Garnier’s Gnaumankoudji.

And from the avant-garde mellowness of Squarepusher’s “Theme from Sprite to the bustling disco-funk.


2 Responses to “Underworld vs The Misterons – Athens”

    • ideologic said

      All the tracks posted are available for a short time and are for evaluation purposes only. This site is simply here to share music that I like with people who might never have heard it before and I fully support these artists by buying their work. If you like something on here, please go out and buy it. If you’re the artist (or represent the artist) and you don’t like it being here, please let me know and I shall remove it.

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