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For many listeners, Fred P. was one of 2009’s major discoveries. Less a young upstart than a veteran finally getting his due, Fred Peterkin has become one of the key players in New York City’s resurgent house scene.

His affiliations with Jus-Ed and Move D — both of whom are contributors to upcoming releases on Peterkin’s Soul People Music imprint — hint at his elegant deep house style, but his releases for the past two years as Black Jazz Consortium have established his unique voice.

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repetetive rhythms

Tim Walker


we've lost our sense of wonder

Tim Walker (born in England 1970) is a London-based fashion photographer.

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RA.190 DJ Stingray



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We used to be blown away by Bang & Olufsen. We think they have been one upped! Teac has joined with German manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustics to create three new acoustic speakers. The first one is the AvantGarde duo G2 that features a frequency range of 170 – 20,000Hz for speakers and 20 – 350Hz for the subwoofer for a total RMS power of 150W. Meanwhile, the AvantGarde duo Omeg G2 is more powerful and is capable of throwing a total wattage of 100W (RMS). And the last one is the AvantGarde uno G2, which is the cheapest model that is also capable of a total RMS power of 100W. Don’t throw out your Bose Dock quite yet, these intense sound makers start at just north of $27,000USD a pair.

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Ola Simonsson


Well planned musical attack in the suburbs.