Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Around the World


i want a BBQ

The man of a million aliases (well 40+ to be precise) , Uwe Schmidt, better know to you and me as Senor Coconut, is back. You have to be pretty hard of heart (and short of humour) not to find something, somewhere on this album that doesn’t make you smile. Bossa nova covers of dance music ‘standards’ is something that he has been doing for a while now, occasionally dipping into more mainstream songs for his inspiration, and he does it very very well. It would be easy to dismiss this as novelty, but really that’s just lazy.

These songs are taken apart and reconstructed with such love and attention, that it is impossible not to be charmed. There are 3 versions of Daft Punk’s “Around The World” on here (coincidently done recently in a jazz piano style by Christian Prommer – and much more grown up), as well as a nervous version of electro classic “White Horse” to name just two… Summer music doesn’t come much happier than this. I want a BBQ.



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  1. ideologic said

    All the tracks posted are available for a short time and are for evaluation purposes only. This site is simply here to share music that I like with people who might never have heard it before and I fully support these artists by buying their work. If you like something on here, please go out and buy it. If you’re the artist (or represent the artist) and you don’t like it being here, please let me know and I shall remove it.

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