RA. 202


episode 202

Whatever Works


Woody Allen returns to New York with an offbeat comedy about a crotchety misanthrope (Larry David) and a naïve, impressionable young runaway from the south (Evan Rachel Wood). When her uptight parents, (Patricia Clarkson and Ed Begley, Jr.) arrive to rescue her, they are quickly drawn into wildly unexpected romantic entanglements. Everyone discovers that finding love is just a combination of lucky chance and appreciating the value of WHATEVER WORKS.

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Some ideas are just so good, they deserve a second chapter…


Critic Brian Sewell had a “mutually confessional” sexual friendship with surrealist master Salvador Dali, which flowered over four summers at Dalí’s home in Spain. Sewell makes the case that Dalí was a painter of technical brilliance whose talent reached its high point in the 1930s, but declined into vulgarity when he moved to the US and embraced the cult of celebrity.


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