Mara Ploscaru





Mara Ploscaru is a romanian photographer, she’s currently living and studying  in Bucharest

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Eugen Ionescu


la microfonul Europei libere (1977)



The Roma, Sinti, Calé and other ethnic groups collectively referred to as Gypsies form the largest minority in Europe. Scattered across the globe they live in almost every part of the world, each group marked by a distinct language, culture and situation.


Carioca studio


golden pig and bitches

Carioca studio is a photo production house based in Bucharest, Romania and specialized in advertising photography.

Pin-up Art


Pin-up girl

Unfortunate incidents with skirts and petticoats often led to embarrassing lingerie displays – stockings, garter belts, girdles and bullet bras just couldn’t be kept under wraps no matter how hard a Pin-up girl tried.

Claudia Rogge


scenography and symmetry

Claudia Rogge’s photographic work is an entire scenography and symmetry in every image, something regular and yet so chaotic at the same time.

In Duchamp’s own words… an-artist, chess player, cheese dealer, breather, fenêtrier.

…and here’s what some of his contemporaries had to say.


Kurt Schwitters himself described the Merzbau (Merz Building) as his life’s work.

The Merzbau was – “on principle” – an uncompleted work and continued to grow, changing constantly.

alicia and doe

George Holz graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Many of his photographs explor figurative and nude forms within natural settings and landscapes throughout the world.