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This event is part of the European Tour for promoting Traxx –  Faith, Melvin’s Oliphant III  solo debut album, out on Nation last year.

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Local Preview


friends calling

Bucharest Showcase Preview

We chose one artist from each of the 4 showcases we do in Berlin, Vienna, London and Barcelona and we prepared a preview in Bucharest.

We will also give away 400 CDs with the Buzz.RO! compilation.
…Entrance lei 20

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French Connection


the French Connection manifesto

31 Martie - 30 Aprilie 2010

Deschidere: Miercuri, 31 Martie ora 19.00

Rokolectiv ’10




THURSDAY // 22 APRIL // 19h00 // MNAC

Terre Thaemlitz / US / panel & discussions

FRIDAY // 23 APRIL // 22h30 // THE ARK

Poor Relatives / RO
Sinner DC / CH
DJ Sprinkles / US
Juju & Jordash / NL
Move D / DE

SATURDAY // 24 APRIL // 22h30 // THE ARK

Syncom Data / NL
Legowelt pres. Nacho Patrol / NL
Rochite de Sillyconductor / RO
Omar S / US
Motor City Drum Ensemble / DE

SUNDAY // 25 APRIL // 19h30 // MNAC

Nabaz’Mob, opera for 100 smart rabbits / FR
Mount Kimbie / UK
Turzi & the band / FR
Dan Deacon / US


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The Trigger Finger offers an intuitive interface for programming and performing drums and percussion, as well as providing a host of additional controls for tweaking the sound and behavior of your parts.

User guide

The DR-202 Dr. Groove takes BOSS’ popular programmable drum machine concept into the Groove Zone. (features)

Carhartt meets…” features artists supported by Carhartt. You will gain an insight on their hometown, favourite spots, studio and of course showtime impressions.

Carioca studio


golden pig and bitches

Carioca studio is a photo production house based in Bucharest, Romania and specialized in advertising photography.


Revista FILM MENU, realizata de studentii la Film din UNATC, a ajuns la numarul 3. Lansarea va avea loc in acest weekend si va fi marcata de doua evenimente:

1. Sambata 12 decembrie ora 16:
Cineclub special, ultimul al acestui an, in cadrul caruia va fi proiectat filmul “Fanny si Alexander” (1982) al lui Ingmar Bergman in varianta integrala de 5 ore, cu o pauza la mijloc.

2. Duminica 13 decembrie ora 21:
O petrecere impreuna cu KarpovKasparov la subBufet

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